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  • Digital

    There are endless ways digital learning can be incorporated into a blend. Digital can be anything from eLearning, online games and quizzes to digital magazines.

  • Experiential

    From traditional to extraordinary – experiential learning encompasses face-to-face, webinars, forum theatre and even training with horses.

  • Podcasts

    Podcasts are fantastic for on the go learning and producing a wide range of content. The possibilities are vast, from audio recordings to interviews.

  • Video

    Video learning can mean anything and everything for your blend. It can be as simple as a SlideShare or as extensive as professionally filmed videos.

  • Communities

    Forums, social media and online communities can help to create constant on the go support which fits in with the modern learner.

  • Content

    Curated content, third party content and even content your learner has developed can play a big part in aiding accessible and timely learning.

  • VR/AR/AI

    Incorporating VR, AR and AI into your blend can create a more creative, engaging, effective and longer lasting learning for your people.

  • Apps

    The potential for using Apps in learning is vast. From accessing your LMS on the go to helping learners digest small nuggets of information.

  • Coaching and mentoring
    Coaching and mentoring

    Coaching and mentoring can support your blend in enhancing the skills, knowledge performance of your people.