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Top 20 Training Delivery Companies


We are delighted to have been named as one of the Top 20 Training Delivery Companies by Training Industry - for the third year in a row!

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Learner engagement guide launch
Learner engagement guide launch 15 October 2019

Of all the challenges facing L&D today, learner engagement is one of the most difficult to tackle. Download our new guide to uncover how you can start to address one of the most persistent obstacles in L&D.

L&D in 2019: how far have we come?
L&D in 2019: how far have we come? 9 October 2019

We made some bold predictions at the start of the year. But, as 2020 approaches, how far have we progressed towards achieving them? We take a look, covering managers, data, tech and engagement.

Why your internal communications team is your biggest asset
Why your internal communications team is your biggest asset 2 October 2019

Perhaps most often (and unfairly) thought of as the team responsible for sending internal newsletters, the challenges facing internal communications teams are remarkably similar to those facing L&D teams. We look at three ways you can use their expertise to sharpen your messages about learning.

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