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Soft skills and personal and professional development training is essential for a dedicated and effective workforce.

We create solutions that target the specific issues your people are facing, for example, assertiveness, customer service, time management, employee inductions or problem-solving.

We have helped thousands of people with their personal development and will assist your teams to improve their skills with our bespoke programmes.

Find out more about some of our top recommended programmes below.  

A few of our solutions…

Time Management

Our Time Management workshop provides delegates with the opportunity to improve their personal effectiveness by critically analysing how they currently spend their time and identifying areas for improvement. Additionally, the workshop aims to improve delegation as a time management skill and development activity for delegates.

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Presentation Skills

This course aims to give delegates the key skills and techniques required to design and deliver powerful presentations. Watch what one of our previous participants had to say about the programme here.

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Dealing with Challenging Situations

Dealing with Challenging Situations helps participants understand how conflict can occur and how to develop a strategy for dealing with it. Delegates will discover how to manage difficult situations and conversations at any stage in their career.

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Negotiation Skills

This programme introduces delegates to the skills to negotiate and influence successfully in work situations and apply the techniques and strategies required for principled influencing in a range of work situations.

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