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All of our leadership and management training solutions deliver outstanding results every time.

Our experienced consultants recognise the current issues that businesses and their leaders are experiencing, and work to help them overcome these for a more effective and success-focused result.

Whether your senior, middle or new managers need a helping hand to improve performance and results, we’ll create and deliver the solution for you.

Find out more about some of our top recommended programmes below.  

A few of our solutions…

Leadership with Horses

Experiential learning with horses may sound unusual, but the reason we use it is because it’s difficult to ignore visual feedback from a dynamic and powerful living being. Participants will come face-to-face with their personal and interpersonal impact, clearly illustrated in the horse’s response to them in a process that engages all of their senses.

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Foundation Leadership Programme

Our Foundation Leadership Programme is an innovative programme that blends scientific and psychological theory with thorough day-to-day practices, to deliver immediate and outstanding results for developing managers. With a proven return on investment of up to 28%, it is delivered in such a way that you can see an improvement from day one. Hear from some of our previous delegates here.

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Leading in Challenging Times

Leading and managing require different sets of skills and behaviours, but you need to be effective in both roles. Whilst managing the status quo you will also be expected to lead during change and challenging times.

This programme will deliver the knowledge, skills and behaviours to support you in knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

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Visionary Leadership

This programme supports and develops visionary leaders in your organisation, improving strategic management and leadership skills to deliver organisational goals.

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Managing Change

If your organisation is undergoing change, our Managing Change programme enables you to understand the effects of change, plan how to respond more effectively and lead people through the change process.

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Introduction to Management

The first step into management can be extremely challenging. Our Introduction to Management programme develops a number of critical skills as well as a very clear understanding of the manager’s role and how it differs from non-management roles. It also enhances understanding of how to get the best from people, and how to develop confidence in communicating assertively in key management scenarios.

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