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It’s easy to develop bad habits. Even the most experienced people slip into them over time, resulting in individuals not having the right skills to be able to perform their job roles effectively.

Our ‘Getting the Job Done’ programmes develop everyday workplace skills for you and your teams, designed and geared towards helping your people get their jobs completed in the most effective way.

Aimed at both new starters with a perceived lack of workplace ready skills, and practised team members, we enhance capabilities for immediate results.

IT related, soft skills or ‘back to basics’ customer service and personal development? Whatever the problem, we create a change in behaviour that increases performance and productivity, making individuals self-sufficient and results orientated.

Find out more about some of our top recommended programmes below. 

A few of our solutions…

Time Management

Our Time Management workshop provides delegates with the opportunity to improve their personal effectiveness by critically analysing how they currently spend their time and identifying areas for improvement. Additionally, the workshop aims to improve delegation as a time management skill and development activity for delegates.

Download the outline here

Presentation Skills

This course aims to give delegates the key skills and techniques required to design and deliver powerful presentations. Watch what one of our previous participants had to say about the programme here.

Download the outline here

Negotiation Skills

This programme provides delegates with an overview of negotiation frameworks and develops an understanding of negotiating skills, tools and techniques. It enables participants to gain key skills such as communication and relationship building in order to negotiate with greater confidence, identify and develop the interpersonal skills required to negotiate proactively and plan and prepare to achieve win-win results.

Download the outline here