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Shona McFarlane

Trainer and Facilitator

Shona has 17 years’ leadership and management experience in various organisations, latterly including Unilever, leading teams of up to 20 people. For the last 15 years, Shona has been running her own consultancy, designing and delivering learning and development solutions within diverse sectors, from banking to pharma, and manufacturing to travel. Shona’s areas of expertise include facilitation, training delivery and practicing as a transformational coach to a number of different clients; working in topic areas such as sales, customer service, management development, NLP and communications.

About six years ago Shona became passionate about the field of energy management and increasing resilience. Since then, she has become heavily involved in understanding the underlying issues, and developing successful tools and techniques to help individuals become more resilient and manage their energy more effectively. It is her passion to empower organisations, teams and individuals to develop resilient working practices that are not only sustainable, but often change peoples’ lives.

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