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/Alistair French Are you welcoming new talent?

Are you welcoming new talent?
Tuesday April 5, 2016

Studies show that 25% of new starters leave within their first week. When I first heard that statistic I was shocked, and when you consider the cost of recruitment and induction to your business, I am sure you will be too.

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/Annette Quinn Effectively managing difficult people

Effectively managing difficult people
Tuesday March 15, 2016

The modern workplace is a complex place. We work with ever changing teams, cross team working, remote working and even global working. On top of this, many people we work with, and for, are people whose company we wouldn’t choose to see seek out.

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/Nigel Walpole A sixth sense for managers?

A sixth sense for managers?
Thursday March 10, 2016

Managers often say they need a sixth sense when it comes to managing people; some describe it as emotional intelligence, some describe it as ‘gut feel’. It’s certainly intangible and it can be elusive, but perhaps here is the answer.

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