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/Catherine Sellars Making Virtual Teams Work

Making Virtual Teams Work
Monday June 23, 2014

The availability of broadband is having a significant impact on the way we work. According to Virgin Media Business 60% of office-based employees will regularly work from home by 2022. Research proves that remote workers are more productive but not all employers are convinced. In fact, Yahoo recently banned homeworking, claiming that staff creativity suffered as a result of teleworking.

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/Catherine Sellars Core Skills for Business in 2014

Core Skills for Business in 2014
Friday June 13, 2014

Each year brings new challenges for managers with developments in working patterns, technology and business practices, creating a need for continual professional development. This infographic illustrates the essential skills for the modern manager but as you will see, some skills will always be in demand.

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/Catherine Sellars Employee Attitudes to Managers 2014

Employee Attitudes to Managers 2014
Friday June 6, 2014

Are employees losing confidence in their senior managers? The results of the CIPD Spring 2014 Employee Outlook Survey suggest a decline in trust and respect. This infographic shows how employee attitudes differ in the public, private and voluntary sector. Contact us to find out how we can help you improve levels of trust, respect and satisfaction in your organisation.

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/Catherine Sellars Coping with Naysayers

Coping with Naysayers
Wednesday June 4, 2014

I recently took part in a fascinating research project to develop a strategy for using technology effectively in teaching and learning. While interviewing practitioners I was privileged to discover innovative practice by inspirational trainers but also came across some scared and negative staff. The naysayers.

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/Diane McMahon Are Your Leaders Engaged?

Are Your Leaders Engaged?
Thursday May 1, 2014

The CIPD have published a blog on ‘Seven reasons your employees are not committed’. Upon reading it, it’s clear that the responsibility for engaging employees belongs to an organisation’s leaders.

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