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Overcoming Cross-Departmental Barriers

Overcoming Cross-Departmental Barriers
Monday March 9, 2015

Companies that encourage cross-departmental teamwork – that is, different departments within an organisation working collaboratively together – will know how much of a challenge it can really be.

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/Kerry Pascall Learn by making your own decisions

Learn by making your own decisions
Friday March 6, 2015

You want your team to learn a new skill but you don’t want to force feed them the information, because this can reduce the impact of the learning. So how can you teach them something, but put them in control of the outcome?

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/Rachel Matthews Get some headspace

Get some headspace
Friday February 20, 2015

Part of our Resilience Programme focuses on mindfulness and the importance of meditation. As we all know it can be difficult to fit breaks and ‘relaxation time’ into our daily routines. Other tasks and important deadlines always take precedent.

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