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/Catherine Sellars Embracing the digital wave in learning and development

The Association of Learning Technologies held its annual conference (ALTC) at Warwick University on 1st-3rd of September. The title, 'Riding Giants: How to educate and innovate ahead of the wave', suggests the increased momentum in the development of learning technologies. ALTC14 promised to help practitioners who may feel that they are just playing catch up.

SurferSessions included workshops and presentations in all the latest technologies, from video to gamification, portfolios to proctoring, open educational resources to augmented reality. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) loomed large with several sessions investigating their implementation and future. A range of devices were considered with speakers sharing their experience using iPads and smartphones in an educational context. There was a look at the use of QR codes as a method of linking the real and digital worlds, tweeting, learning and 'Riding the Unstoppable Wordpress Wave'.

ALTC is not just a series of show and tell sessions for gadgets and applications. This year featured discussions of the pedagogical implications of the use of learning technology as well as sessions considering approaches for meeting the challenges created by the disruptive influence of new developments in teaching and learning in organisations.

In the past, the big L&D conferences provided the opportunity to gaze at the horizon but this year there was a definite sense that organisations have reached the point of implementation. They now need practical advice on setting up the infrastructure, reorganising their staff and business processes to make these new approaches to teaching and learning work for them. It was down to the nitty gritty with sessions which attempted to answer questions about cost, management and measuring effectiveness.

If you couldn’t make it to ALTC14 you can still catch up with the keynotes via the networking site. Details on how to participate can be found here and you can follow the conference on Twitter #altc.

If you would like advice on implementing the use of learning technologies in your organisation please contact us.

Catherine Sellars

Catherine Sellars, Editor

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